Flying Videos

Many of our members love taking videos of their flights, particularly ones that are in any way unique. See below for a few videos of our planes, and more importantly our member pilots, in action!

RNAV (GPS) 29 Approach at Portland, April 2022

RNAV (GPS) 29 Approach at Portland with a broken cloud layer at 700 ft and heavy to extreme precipitation.


18D landing December 2021 at Portland

A power-off 180 landing at Portland in December 2021.


Dynon Skyview install in 18D, Winter 2019

This video talks about the Dynon Skyview install in our Skyhawk.


N4647R (RV-12) Short Field takeoff at KLEW!

Stephen Purcell with Instructor Jeff Van West working on short field takeoffs in the club's 2015 RV-12!


Alton Bay ice runway

A trip by a few of our members to the Alton Bay Ice Runway, Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. Some great shots of a touch and go and flight around Alton Bay.


KDDH to KPWM in 24 seconds!

A cool time-lapse video from a Go-Pro mounted to the left-side step of N239AM.



First solo cross-country landings

Landings at KPWM and KDDH taken by Lincoln B. during his solo cross-country trip as part of his flight training.


Daytime landing on runway 29, KPWM

Nice smooth approach into KPWM in Cessna N4818D.


Sunset over Sebago Lake, Summer 2015

Some wonderful sunset colors on a flight from KPWM to KLEW in Alarus N239AM.

Landing on the Ice Runway, Alton Bay, NH

Every winter after Alton Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee, NH freezes over, an ice runway is made over the old seaplane port. Many of our pilots have had the joy of landing on a runway made of pure ice.


Scenic flight out of Skyhaven Airport in N239AM

A nice video of a scenic trip from Skyhaven airport, Rochester, NH over Lake Winnipesaukee, NH and back.


Wintertime Landing at KPWM

A nice wintertime video of one of our members landing N4818D at KPWM.